I am an English-Spanish Legal & Technical Translator born in Caracas,
Venezuela, currently domiciled at Miami Beach, Florida.

On the Legal Translation side, I am a fully accredited Legal translator by the
Ministry of Justice of the Republic of Venezuela, as such, I possess an official seal
and a license that render my legal translations official pursuant to Venezuelan
law; therefore, my translations can be notarized and recorded in Venezuelan
Public Registries, and Consulates. The latter is excellent for customers wishing to
register in Venezuela Agreements, Certifications, etc.,  from English speaking
Countries, or for notarization of any document at the
U.S., British, Canadian ,
and other English-Speaking Countries consulates in Caracas, Venezuela.
(See list
of Legal Interpreters registered with the U.S. Consulate in Caracas).

On the Technical Translation side, I earned an undergraduate degree in
Metallurgy, and a Masters Degree in Industrial Engineering in the U.S.A., and
worked for 18 years in the Downstream  Petroleum Marketing in Venezuela, and
for one year at Citgo Petroleum in Oklahoma.
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English-Spanish Legal & Technical Translation
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